Parker McCollum Co-Hosts 3/30-31

| March 25, 2024

The co-host this wknd is Parker McCollum, who is in our Top 5 with Burn It Down. Parker & his wife Hallie Ray are expecting their first child, a boy in August: “The fact that it’s going so well, God’s been good to us, he’s healthy, and it’s a boy, which is nice, I’m just excited about it, she is too.”

Lon asked about names: ”My wife has one she’s been harping on, and I don’t think she’ll change her mind.  She doesn’t like the ones I prefer.  She’s got the intuition, so whatever she thinks is best.”

Parker just announced that he’s opening for George Strait in June: ”I had just played in George’s charity golf tournament in October, played a 9 hole match, and he beat us.  He’s good.  He can hit it. Not long after that they asked if we wanted to do the show.  Saddle up, its good.”

Parker’s family is in Texas, so did he get a lot of ticket requests? ”It’s incredible the text messages I got, and the reality is I can’t do it.  Before it was announced, I was maxxed out.  My guest list was full before we signed the contract.”

Lon hosted the UMG show during CRS, so he asked Parker who he met backstage: ”I shared a dressing room with Keith Urban that day. So it was a good day. My dad was there, he’s a big workout guy, so Keith asked him about that.  He’s like, ‘How many times a day do you work out?’ He’s a sweet guy.”

In May, Parker is playing two shows at MetLife Stadium with Morgan Wallen: ”I just talked to him this past weekend. We talked about that.  I told him he’s giving me a huge opportunity by putting me on those shows.  I could never ask for anything else, I’m so grateful.”

Parker hung out with Jelly Roll at the CMA Awards: ”I knew Jelly was gonna win the New Artist award.  He’s way more current than I am.  He was so on fire, I knew he was gonna win. Jelly is so deserving.”

Parker also spent time with Peyton Manning: ”We hung out during rehearsal. He brought his kids by my dressing room to say hello. He’s become a buddy of mine now.  He will randomly text me about things from time to time.”’

Parker also has great stories this week about Jason Aldean, Corey Kent, Cody Johnson, Chris Young, and Bailey Zimmerman.

NEXT WEEK: Morgan Wallen


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