Chris Young Co-Hosts 3/23-24

| March 18, 2024

The co-host this wknd will be Chris Young, who releases a new album this week: Young Love & Saturday Nights. Chris wrote or co-wrote 15 of the 18 songs on the album. The title song is in our Top 30.

Lon begins the show by asking if there’s anything new.  Chris replied, “Well, I haven’t been arrested this week.’ He went on to say, ‘Shout out to the people who stood behind me, because a lot of people had my back.”

Chris’ new album will be released this Friday.  Lon asked about the sound of the album: “It’s definitely vocal-forward. I felt I was in a good place as far as my singing, and I wanted to showcase that.  That gives it a different feel.”

The current Top 30 single features a riff originally written by David Bowie.  Chris explains: “The first time I heard it, I fell in love with it. Bowie is credited as a writer.  We’ve taken a melody that everyone knows and made something new with it.”

Chris says he’s known Jelly Roll for a long time: “I met him and his dad at the same time. He’s an amazing guy. I love that he’s willing to share his story. He’s also so creative.  That guy can pull off any genre.”

Chris will open a stadium show this summer for Kane Brown: :I am looking forward to that show. He opened for me on my tour.  The fact that I get to hang out with him means a lot.  I don’t open shows much anymore, but I’ll do that one.”

Chris ran into Hardy in our lobby.  They obviously know each other: “I’ve written with him.  He has a song on my new album, and he sang harmonies. He sang his butt off.  Just an incredibly talented person, and a great dude.”

Chris also has great stories this week about Justin Moore, Parker McCollum, Scotty McCreery, Tyler Hubbard, and the late Toby Keith.

NEXT WEEK: Parker McCollum


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