Morgan Wallen Co-Hosts 4/6-7

| April 1, 2024

The co-host this week is Morgan Wallen, who is in the Top 5 this week with ”Man Made a Bar” featuring Eric Church. Morgan talks about how he chose Eric for this song. He also talks about his other song in the countdown: Mamaw’s House with Thomas Rhett. Morgan begins the 2024 edition of his One Night At a Time tour this week.

Lon asked Morgan about how he decided to do Man Made a Bar with Eric: “That’s one of the last songs that made my record. I wasn’t even thinking about features, I was on such a time crunch to get the album done. Literally the last week, I thought about getting some of my friends on here. So I hollered at Eric and said this was the song we should do together. He came in and crushed it.”

What was it about this song that you wanted to do it with Eric? “It sounded like a good duet song. It’s a unique song, cool title, instrumentation is awesome, it just felt right. This was the one I wanted him on, and it’s been cool to watch.”

Morgan went on to say: “He’s someone I’ve always looked up to. When I started writing songs, I wanted to paint pictures as cool as he did. He’s my main influence in country music. It’s cool for me to play golf or fish with him. It’s cool for me to consider him a friend.”

Morgan will be doing more than one night in some stadiums: “Yeah it’s cool to do that. At first I didn’t know how I felt about that. Is it gonna be the same people both nights? But it wasn’t. It seemed like a whole different crowd. It makes it easier for me, but I also like going to different places too. So we just did a hybrid of each.”

Morgan looks ahead to his three nights in Nashville’s Nissan Stadium: ”I can remember the first show I played in Nashville was at Whiskey Jam. There was probably 20 people there. That may have been at the end of 2015. I’m excited, all of my family will be there. and I’m excited to see what that feels like.”

Morgan also has great stories this week about Jelly Roll, Hardy, Kane Brown, Parker McCollum, Corey Kent, and Jason Aldean.

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