Janson Buys Paycheck Limo

| January 28, 2024

This week’s co-host, Chris Janson, told Country Countdown USA host Lon Helton that he recently bought a 1970 Cadillac limousine that once belonged to country legend Johnny Paycheck. Chris said, “It is a 1970 Cadillac limousine. They call it a Fleetwood 77. It’s got 60,000 original miles, owned by Johnny Paycheck. He had it custom built. It wasn’t in pristine condition. It was original, but it was in rough shape. I bought it, found a restoration guy, and we redid everything. It’s an original car, got the gold crush velvet interior, original Sony TV, fridge, the whole deal. It’s pretty awesome. I like to fix things up. I’m working on other things like that. We drove it to the CMT Crossroads. I have a great time with that car. If you know country music history, you know who Johnny Paycheck was, and you know a lot of things that should not have happened, that went on in that car. It’s a survivor and I’ve got it. It’s got gold shag carpet, gold crushed velvet seats, it’s all gold, it’s very Elvis-y.”

Listen to Chris talk about his Johnny Paycheck car here:


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