Janson Reveals New Song

| January 29, 2024

This weekend, Chris Janson revealed that he’s working on a new song that he says will be a “game changing kind of song.” He told Country Countdown USA host Lon Helton that the song was written by Tyler Hubbard: “I’m gonna let the cat out of the bag. My next single will be, in my opinion, a game changing kind of song, and it was initially created by Tyler. I’m pretty stoked, because he’s a fabulous writer, the song’s a smash, and I’ve not been more excited about something in a long time.”

Chris also said it’s coming very soon: “We’re right in the middle of recording it right now. Sometimes, you have to take different directions in a good way, and this is big time. Very much aligned with where I am on all fronts.”

Lon asked if Chris wrote it with Tyler: “No, he sent it to me first. I’ve always been the writer on my songs. There may be some things we’ll rework some stuff. I don’t know. If so, it will be a true rework, but overall, I’m giving him full credit, because without him, this idea would not have come to fruition.”

Lon said, You just put out a new album in May, and this song isn’t on it. But you’re putting this out next? “I’m tying this in with my album, and this is all breaking fresh news. You’re the first person I’ve told this to. My label president brought this to me. He asked me what I thought, and I said it was a smash. So you will hear this in March. I never felt so much positivity in my life. We have exciting things coming. This will blow the doors off. I’m speaking here first. If it weren’t for Tyler Hubbard, it would not have happened.”


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