Chris Janson Co-Hosts 1/27-28

| January 22, 2024

The co-host this week is Chris Janson, who is in the Top 10 with “All I Need Is You.” Chris has some big news about his next single, written by Tyler Hubbard. He also talks about his new friend The Rock. He also talks about buying a Cadillac once owned by country legend Johnny Paycheck.

Regarding his current song “All I Need Is You,” Chris said, “People have loved this song from the beginning because it’s about my life.  When I play it, people start cheering before I start singing.  For a songwriter & artist, it’s a blessing.”

Chris wanted to talk about Tim McGraw “He recorded my favorite song I’ve ever written so far. It’s called If It Wasn’t For a Great Song. I sent it to him and he recorded it the next day.  I wrote it for him. I write songs specifically for Tim.  I sent it to him and he recorded it right away.”

When we got to Tyler Hubbard’s song, Chris had some news: “I’m going to let the cat out of the bag.  My next single will be a game-changing type of song, and it was written by Tyler. The song is a smash. We’re in the middle of recording it right now.  My label head found this song and sent it to me.  You’re the first person I’m telling this to.  The public will hear it in March.”

As we talked about his friends, Chris wanted to talk about a friend who is an actor: “The Rock has become a good friend of mine.  We met in LA.  My kids wanted to meet him, we were in the same restaurant. We talk a lot about doing things this year.  Maybe bring him on the Opry.  He’s a singer. We both love Hank Jr. records.  It’s pretty cool.  He is the most normal of any star I’ve ever met.”

Lon asked Chris about his Johnny Paycheck car: “It is a 1970 Cadillac limousine owned by Johnny Paycheck. It was original, but it was in rough shape. I found a great restoration guy.  Everything is great, it has gold velvet interior, original Sony TV. fridge, and it was Paycheck’s limo. I like to fix things up. A lot of things must have happened in that car. It has shag carpet in it.  It’s very  Elvis-y.”

Chris also has great stories this week about Justin Moore, Dylan Scott, Brett Young, Riley Green, Jackson Dean, and Cody Johnson.

NEXT WEEK: Riley Green


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