Luke Bryan Returns 12/9-10

| December 4, 2023

This wknd, Luke Bryan returns for a second week as Lon’s co-host. This week, he discusses his 7th season as a judge on American Idol, his Las Vegas residency, and updates us on his teenage sons Bo & Tate. Luke will play Las Vegas on New Year’s Eve, which is also his wife’s birthday. We’ll play his new duet with Jon Pardi. And we hear about a prank Luke played at Jason Aldean’s Nashville bar.

In 2024, Luke will begin his 7th year as a judge of America Idol.  Lon asked about the contestants, and how they’ve become more sophisticated during his 7 years with the show: “There are so many levels why kids are more advanced today.  You can learn everything about music at the tips of your fingers.  When Idol launched, there was a sentiment that the kids weren’t paying their dues. Now it’s another discovery device.  Kids come on to gain followers and sell who they are as an artist. You don’t have to win to have success.”

Luke is ending the year with shows in Las Vegas, including New Year’s Eve: “I have 6 more shows in Vegas, and one of them is on New Year’s Eve, which is my wife’s birthday. We’re gonna get a lot of her friends out there and have a big time that night. We feel like being in Vegas celebrating her birthday with all of her friends will be a lot of fun.”

When Kane Brown was Lon’s co-host, he said he spent New Years Eve with Luke in Jason Aldean’s Nashville bar. At one point, they made a video with Luke attempting to set off the fire alarm.  Luke explained it this way: “Our bars are next door to each other, and I was trying to clear out his bar so people would go to my bar.  We put that video on our socials and I think the fans got a kick out of it.” 

Luke has a new duet with Jon Pardi called Cowboys & Plowboys: “I get asked who I want to do collaborations with, and when I heard this song, I know Jon & I would be perfect for this song. The writers nailed it, and it was fun to do it in the studio, and glad it’s finally out and it’s gonna be fun to have out.”

Luke also updates us on his sons Bo & Tate: “Bo had a great football season as a 9th grader.  Tate & I went hunting together, and he got a buck with his bow.  Their grades are pretty good, and this spring they’ll be playing baseball.”  Lon asked about reports that Tate was in the hospital recently: “Tate has a knack for catching fish and getting the hook in parts of his body. That’s the 2nd time it happened in 12 months.  But that means he’s fishing a lot.”

Luke also has great stories this week about Dustin Lynch, Dylan Scott, Gabby Barrett, Jake Owen, and Jason Aldean.

NEXT WEEK: Jon Pardi & Christmas


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