Jon Pardi Co-Hosts 12/16-17

| December 11, 2023

The co-host this week is Jon Pardi, who just released his first holiday album “Merry Christmas From Jon Pardi.” The album includes holiday favorites and some original songs. Jon co-hosts from California, and we get a special appearance by his mom, who has some Christmas memories of Jon. We also hear Jon’s plans for the new year, playing shows with Morgan Wallen, Kane Brown, and Luke Bryan.

Jon co-hosts the countdown from his bus: “I’m at Summer’s parent’s house.  They have a spot up here that’s nice.  They have a room here for the bus. So we just camp out here.  Christmas vacation style.”

Christmas will be special because of baby Presley: “This is Presley’s first Christmas.  She’s getting big. Hands on everything. Everything she puts her hands on is in her mouth. She’s still learning. She’s a stander. She likes to stand and hold on to things.”

Lon asked Jon about his Christmas traditions: “My mom’s sitting here on the couch of the bus, so what would you say, mom?” “For you when you were young, you would sing.” “She said singing at Christmas. that was the tradition.  II haven’t done that in a while.  I sang some Blue Christmas, lots of Elvis, George Strait, and Alan Jackson.” 

At that point, Lon asked to speak with Jon’s mom Shellie: “He’s like a comedian at Christmas.  But the tradition was he’d get the guitar out and do acoustic, sing a lot of songs, we’d get around, and it was a lot of fun.  Then he got to where he didn’t want to do it anymore. Now he needs to go back and sing around the tree.”

Lon asked about the best gift he got his mom: “Well last year, he got me a new refrigerator.” Jon jumped in: “That’s a solid Christmas gift. That wasn’t any old refrigerator, it was an expensive one.  She didn’t ask for it, I was sick of her old one.  It didn’t make ice, so I said I’m getting you a new refrigerator for Christmas.”

Jon will be playing Luke Bryan’s Crash My Playa in January.  Lon asked if they’ll sing their new duet together: “That’s hard.  Luke Bryan is like herding cats.  I’ll talk to his manager about it.  It’s a cool song, very catchy, and fun.  I’m ready to sing it.  Just tell Luke I’m ready.  I’ll be there.”

Jon also has great stories this week about Morgan Wallen, Nate Smith, Dustin Lynch, Lainey Wilson, and Jason Aldean.

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