Luke Bryan Co-Hosts 12/2-3

| November 27, 2023

The co-host this week is Luke Bryan, who has a song in the Top 10: “But I Got a Beer In My Hand.” Luke just co-hosted the CMA Awards Show with Peyton Manning. Lon & Luke talk about all the big stories from that night. They also talk about Luke’s 30 Number Ones party in Nashville, and his annual festival in Mexico.

Lon & Luke talked a lot about this year’s CMA Awards show: “We had a good time. The more you get comfortable doing something, the more you can relax and have fun with it. I loved doing it, learned a lot from Peyton, always honored to be asked to be the host.”

Lon asked if anything unusual happened: “We were all concerned about Wynonna after her performance, and we talked to Jelly Roll about it, and he said she was nervous. The main thing was Lainey having such a big night was a big topic. Other than me messing up, there were no problems.”

Regarding Wynonna, Luke said, “We see it on Idol where people are overwhelmed by the moment. People expect artists to not get caught up in the moment. She may have been overwhelmed, but they got through it.  It’s never easy.  We sign up to put ourselves in pressure situations.  We sometimes get anxiety, just like anyone else.”

The other big moment was Jelly Roll‘s acceptance speech.  Luke said, “I saw that, and Jelly Roll has the magic.  When he delivered his speech, he gives people hope and never give up. He’s such a great ambassador for people.  Every time I’m around him he lights up the room.  You root for the guy.”

Lon suggested that there should be a role of Peyton’s brother Eli: “I think what Peyton & Eli have is everybody laughs watching them poke each other. That’s what brotherly love is all about. We’ll get Eli in there somehow. He’s a nice little punching bag.”

Lainey Wilson appeared on the finale of American Idol last May.  One thing Luke didn’t know was she had tried out for the show many years ago: “I didn’t know that, that was the first time I heard that, but I’ll go see my producers today and find out what happened!  I’m glad she didn’t take the Idol letdown to heart. It also shows we don’t always get it right.”

Luke also has great stories this week about Morgan Wallen, Mitchell Tenpenny, Chris Janson, Dierks Bentley, and Dustin Lynch.

NEXT WEEK: Luke Bryan Part 2


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