Dylan Scott Co-Hosts 11/18-19

| November 13, 2023

The co-host this wknd will be Dylan Scott, who’s in the Top 5 with “Can’t Have Mine.” Dylan & his wife Blair just added their third child, a son named Barron. Dylan & his younger brother just opened a coffee shop outside Nashville. Lots of stories from Dylan this week.

Dylan and his wife Blair just became parents to their third child, and second son Barron.  Lon asked if he’s tired: “Honestly yes, Yes I am tired.  You’d think by the third kid, I’d have this down. But I am wore out.  I’m not as young as I used to be.”

So how are your two older kids dealing with the new baby brother? “My son is almost 6, my daughter is 4, and they love it. I was worried because they have their ways of doing things, but they’re awesome, great brother and sister to him.”

Lon asked Dylan if he took time off for the birth: “I took more time than I waned to. I was gonna take a couple weeks, and then the doctor said he might come early.  So I took off a full month because I didn’t know when he was going to arrive.  I couldn’t miss the birth of my baby.  It was nice to get a break.”

Dylan’s new baby boy’s name is Barron: “We just wanted different names that sounded different.  In my home town, there’s a ball park called Barron ball park. I was driving with my wife, and I just threw it out there one day, and she liked it, so it stuck. That was it.”

Dylan & his younger brother just opened a coffee shop outside Nashville. “We opened a coffee shop in Hendersonville, outside Nashville, my brother & his wife have done a great job with it, the amount of people going into it is amazing, it’s really taken off.  I’d like to have one downtown. All these artists have their bars, but everybody needs their coffee in the morning, so who knows?”

Dylan is now the spokesman for a line of outdoor clothing. “My buddy Luke Bryan has a Jockey Outdoors collection.  I’ve been doing some modeling.  They needed somebody younger.  Just kidding. It’s been great to be part of the outdoor collection.   I’m trying to make my way over to the underwear collection.  I don’t know how my wife feels about that.  If we’re gonna do this, we should do it big!”

With Thanksgiving coming up, do you have any traditions?  Fried turkeys? “No we don’t do the fried turkey. I should probably start that. We don’t really have traditions.  We just spend holidays with the family. Now instead of going to Louisiana for Christmas, we do that after Christmas.  Santa Clause has to come to our house. We don’t do Elf on the Shelf.  It’s a lot of work.  We do enough for our kids.”

Dylan also has great stories this week about Lainey Wilson, Eric Church, Chris Janson, Hardy, Jordan Davis, and Luke Bryan.

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