Lainey Wilson Returns 10/7-8

| October 2, 2023

This wknd, Lainey Wilson returns as Lon’s co-host. In this second week, she looks ahead to her performance at the 2023 CMA Awards, where she has 9 nominations. She talks about her recent shows with Eric Church. She recalls the first time she met Jelly Roll. She also looks ahead to her tour plans in 2024.

Lainey is co-hosting from her Nashville home on her one day off from her tour:  “You’ve got one day to do everything, this is home base, this is where I pack my bag.” Lon said, You need to get a personal assistant: “I got one, and it’s definitely helped. Even if it means picking my stuff up at the post office.  I had so much laundry, she didn’t have time to do it all.”

In August, she spent a weekend doing shows with Eric Church: “I’m such a huge Eric Church fan. I got to play three shows with him, every single night, he had a different set. We got to hang out with him and his wife.  He is such a normal dude.”  They even sang a song together: “I felt like Eric Church had put his stamp of approval on me.”

Lainey is part of Jelly Roll’s current song Save Me.  She told Lon how she got involved: “He’s done it by himself for a while.  This song means so much to him, they were looking for a feature, and my name came up.  We went into the studio, and we starting singing, and he cried.  I’m proud to be a part of this song.”

Lainey said she first met Jelly Roll a long time ago: “He & Uncle Kracker were doing a song together.  They needed some extras for the video.  I played a drunk girl passed out in the video. I was supposed to get paid $100, and they never paid me.  I re-met him years later. He told me he didn’t remember that video.”

Lainey has 9 CMA nominations, and Lon asked if she’s started to think what she’ll do on the show: ‘We’re brainstorming right now.  It’s got to be something crazy.  That show always has a moment that people talk about. That’s always my goal.  It’s about leveling up.

Lainey told Lon she’s played over 140 shows this year.  She’s already started to plan for next year: “We’re doing a lot of headlining, we’re doing bigger venues, it’s been a big step. We started this year with a club tour. It’s been a whirlwind.”

Lainey also has great stories this week about Luke Combs, Jason Aldean, Cole Swindell, Hardy, and Jackson Dean.

NEXT WEEK: Jason Aldean


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