Jason Aldean Co-Hosts 10/14-15

| October 9, 2023

The co-host this week is Jason Aldean, who is in our Top 5 with “Try That In a Small Town.” Jason is on the road now with his Highway Desperado Tour. He just was part of a special event celebrating Luke Bryan’s 30 #1s. Jason is just a few behind him with 27. He also talks about his new album, “Highway Desperado,” that will be released on November 3.

A few weeks ago, Jason performed at Luke Bryan’s 30 #1 party in Nashville. He told Lon: “That’s a big accomplishment. Luke has been one of my best friends for years. They were having a party for him, and I wanted to be a part of it.  I’ve been there to witness to most of those 30 #1s.  He’s a couple ahead of me, so I’m pretty upset about it. But it was a good time.”

Lon asked if Jason might do the same when he hits 30 #1s: “I would love to do something like that because there are so many people I want to thank. Hopefully if we hit that milestone, we can get to do something like that.”

Jason’s current hit caused some controversy during the summer.  Lon asked if that changed him in any way: “I think as a new artist, you’re told not to stir the pot.  I’m older now, and I’m not going to be quiet.  I think that may have rubbed people the wrong way. On the flip side, I feel like I’ve gotten new fans. So I’m at a point in my career where I’m not going to be intimidated.  I don’t feel what I’m saying is wrong, so I’m not going to feel guilty about it.”

When we got to Brian Kelley‘s song in the Top 30, Jason said this: “I’m so proud of that dude. He’s a really good friend of mine.  We just opened a new restaurant together called Papa’s Burger Bar.  He’s worked hard to get that first Top 30.  Hopefully we can do some shows together, because he’s one of my favorites.”

Jon Pardi has been a frequent guest at Jason’s house, so Lon asked if Jon’s been over lately: “We usually do a welcome to summer party in July.  Everybody comes over, Pardi’s in the pool with his swim trucks and cowboy hat, passing drinks around, he’s the life of the party, and a lot of fun to have around.”

Jason also has great stories this week about Lainey Wilson, Kane Brown, Mitchell Tenpenny, and Carrie Underwood.

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