Jason Aldean Returns 10/21-22

| October 16, 2023

The co-host this week is Jason Aldean, who returns for a second week. This time, he talks more about his 2023 Highway Desperado Tour, his new album by that name, and the controversy around his Top 5 hit Try That In a Small Town.

Jason was one of the writers on the album’s title song. “The way that came up, my manager needed a title for the tour.  I put together two words that I thought were cool. It’s kind of what we do.  We load up, go to towns, play our show, and go to the next town.  After we settled on that, I thought it could be a cool song too.”

Jason told Lon he just took his family to Disneyland. “We went to Disneyland for a couple days. Usually when we go to the west coast, we’re on the road for three weeks, so we try to get the kids off the bus and do fun stuff with them.  They get so excited, seeing the characters, it’s fun for them and fun for us too.”

Lon asked Jason which ride is his favorite: “At Disneyland, they have this huge roller coaster at California Adventure Park, so I rode that a few times.  I don’t do spinning teacups, I can’t take the round & round.” 

Lon asked Jason if he was surprised by the controversy about “Try That In a Small Town:” Yes I was. I thought the song would start a conversation within country music.  Then we did the video, and I wanted it to be like Billy Joel’s We Didn’t Start The Fire. Just updated. I had no idea people would lose their minds over it.  It took on a whole different narrative. So at that point, you hang on for the ride.”

Jason recently opened a Kitchen & Bar in Gatlinburg: “We were able to go for the grand opening. It’s going to be a cool location. I love that area, it’s so nice. To have a spot to hang out up there. Hopefully we’ll branch out for more of them.”

Kane Brown & Luke Bryan attended a New Year’s Eve party at Jason’s Nashville bar.  While there, Luke shot a video appearing to pull a fire alarm: Jason said “I saw the video and I was thinking to myself that I hope they get arrested and go to jail.  I would not have gotten the out.  The party must be pretty good at my place, even though Luke’s got one next door.  My bar is more fun.”  

Jason also has great stories this week about Mitchell Tenpenny, Hardy, Parker McCollum, Corey Kent, and Tim McGraw.

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