Parmalee Co-Hosts 9/23-23

| September 18, 2023

The co-hosts this week are all four members of the band Parmalee, who are in the Top 10 with “Girl In Mine.” The guys have many famous friends, including Lainey Wilson, Jon Pardi, and Jelly Roll. They just wrapped up a tour with the rock band Train. They just released a deluxe version of their latest album, “For You 2.”

Parmalee’s current hit “Girl In Mine” is the first single from their new album “For You 2.” They told Lon, “The whole album started with Girl In Mine.  It’s kind of a trilogy with Just The Way and Take My Name.”

The video has a legendary connection. Christina Mandrell is the niece of Hall of Famer Barbara Mandrell: “She’s Irlene’s daughter. I saw her Instagram, and knew she was perfect.  The jeep you see is mine, and it broke down the first day.  Other than that, the weather was amazing, and turned out great.”

They just wrapped up a tour with the rock band Train: “When they approached us about it, we were excited. We’ve been fans of theirs and influenced by them.  We’d see people in the audience singing our songs, and they told us they knew our songs, but didn’t know the name of the band.  We changed our setlist several times on that tour.”

The guys first met Jelly Roll about ten years ago.  “This dude rolls up, big dude, tats all over, and we’re like ‘Oh Lord, how’s this gonna go?’  We go down in the basement to play music, and he becomes a friend.  Jelly Roll looks like you’re about to get robbed, but you actually get a hug!”  

They also knew Lainey Wilson from around that time, and even featured her in a video: “She & Jake Owen were in this Christmas video called ‘Getting Into the Christmas Spirits.’  We shot it in our house with our Christmas decorations.  Maybe that’s gonna come back out as a Christmas feature.  We need to change the title so her name is on it.” 

Parmalee also has great stories this week about Kane Brown, Morgan Wallen, Scotty McCreery, Jake Owen, Walker Hayes, and Russell Dickerson.

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