Brett Young’s Next Album

| April 23, 2023

After Brett Young co-hosted the Countdown, we had a chance to ask Brett more questions about his next album, his two children, and his favorite sports team: The Los Angeles Dodgers.

Talk about going from having one daughter to now having two: One to two was remarkable to me. One is one, two is ten. She’s starting to blossom, she’s starting to talk, she’s the crazy one, and we love it. I took the morning shift and watched them play.  My oldest is entertained by her. It’s fun, but it’s a lot of work. Last weekend was the first time we had the whole family out for the weekend, took them on stage for Lady, and they slept. We built a bus for this tour that’s accommodating for kids, they had a great run.

You Didn’t is setting all kinds of records. It’s longer than any country song has continued to climb.  It gets huge response at 75 weeks. My fans like sad songs. The new one, Dance With You is a happy song. It’s me & my wife at our wedding. You Didn’t is the engine that could, and Dance With You seems like a logical follow-up.

Talk about your next album: I said this with the last collection. There’s a lot of music for everybody. Being known for break-up songs, it’s hard with two little girls.  One song that’s special is “Uncomfortable.”  My goal is to be PG, but it’s on the edge with PG-13.  I have a song called Back To Jesus about getting back with my wife. She saved my life. There’s a lot of information on this record. Don’t Take The Girl is the song that got me into country music. Next year will be the 30th anniversary of that song. So that will be on the next record.  I’ve written 200 songs for this next record.

You wrote a lot of this next album during the pandemic: I learned to love & hate zoom, looking at people on a computer screen. We wrote a ton of songs, I got to write with Rob Thomas. We compiled so many songs, I thought it would be fun picking the songs for the record, but it was difficult.  We have songs for the next record.  Subject matter changed, I’ve got little ones now. The world changed and the record will be a reflection of that. I know we’re putting 8 songs out on this record.  We were strategic with the last collection, and this will complete it.  But I have 300 songs that are unheard right now. But right now I feel fans deserve more music, so we picked the ones fit this stage in my life.

What happened to the Rob Thomas song? We were in the middle of writing a songs, and I got an offer from a car company. I realized we were writing their song. We went down that rabbit home, and they didn’t end up using the song.

Would you do Don’t Take The Girl with Tim? He can have it again. I’ll take my voice off of it.  I can’t imagine raising two children, and doing this at the level I’m at, and he’s at the level he’s at. If he hears this version and wants to sing on it, the answer is yes.

Last week I was in LA singing the anthem at a Dodgers game. Then four days later we’re at a Red Sox game because Justin Turner was traded to the Red Sox.  The Dodgers are always good to me. The anthem terrorizes me.  It was Vin Scully night, Kershaw won his 200th game.  It was a special night to do the anthem. Then I got to Boston, did an interview for their TV station, Justin was there with a signed jersey for me. I am blessed to be around the sport I love.

Your #1 song Lady was written for your 3 year old daughter Presley. Is she aware of that yet? She’s 3-1/2 going on 25 now. Presley can sing. She has perfect pitch. I’m still not perfect pitch. She gets it. She knows it’s her song.  She knows that’s her in the video. She asks to have us put on daddy’s song about me. It didn’t happen right away, but when it did, it was beautiful.

So is there a song for baby #2? I wrote Rowan’s song already, but I wrote it after we picked the track list for this next record. I wanted to write it differently. I wanted Rowan’s song to be like you’ve lived with us for a while, and here’s how I feel. What it ended up being is we decided we didn’t want more kids after her, and she completed the family. So the song is called Full House and it’ll be on the next record. I’m proud of it, it’s a way of loving on her in a different way as I did with Presley on Lady.


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