Brett Young Co-Hosts 4/22-23

| April 17, 2023

This week, Brett Young co-hosts the countdown. His current Top 10 is “You Didn’t.” He’s on the road now with a headline tour, and he told Lon, “This is the first year it feels normal again. Last year, the people seemed nervous about being in the room. We don’t feel that now for the first time in three years.  It doesn’t feel strange finally.”

Lon asked Brett about the scene in the You Didn’t video where he shaves his head: “That was my idea, I said what if I shaved my head in the video.  They asked, you’re willing to do that?  I said if my wife agrees, then sure.  We had a barber on set.  We got the shot with me starting it, and then I went to the professional so I didn’t look ridiculous.”

Brett says he played You Didn’t for Scotty McCreery & Shay Mooney of Dan & Shay almost 3 years ago during a golf trip: “It’s so intimidating playing music for those guys.  It was like, do I have a song good enough to play for them?  That was the one I was excited about.”

It was also on that golf trip that Brett had a harrowing experience with Shay: “We drove a golf cart on a highway, if Shay wasn’t the funniest human on the planet, that would have been a terrifying experience.  But after that, we connected our wives, and our kids know each other.  So that golf trip did a lot to bring us closer as friends.”

Brett is about to hit the road with Sam Hunt: “He’s one of the first people I met when I moved to Nashville.  I knew him as an artist, but what a songwriter he is.  We have so much in common, he’s a college quarterback and I played college baseball, I think we attack our careers the same way.  I think our music fits well together, tickets are selling quickly, and my girls will be coming on the road with me. So it’ll be fun.”

Brett just released some new music last week, and he told Lon that he has a lot more coming: “The album is done.  But the current single won’t quit.  But the new record is something I’m really proud of. It’s been interesting to write songs now as a husband and father for the first time.  It’s really different for me. It’s not a departure, but it’s a stretch in a cool way.”

Brett also has great stories this week about Jason Aldean, Dierks Bentley, Jordan Davis, Cody Johnson, and Florida Georgia Line.

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