Lainey Wilson Co-Hosts 4/27-28

| April 22, 2024

The co-host this wknd is Lainey Wilson, who is in the Top 10 with ”Wildflowers & Wild Horses.” She is currently on a European tour, and spoke to Lon from Ireland.

Lainey has 5 ACM nominations, and she will go straight to Texas from Europe. ”I can’t miss the ACMs! That’s like missing a family reunion.” So will she be performing? ”We’re trying to figure that out. Once we get back, we’re going straight there.  We’ll be ready for whatever it is.”

Lainey won the Best Country Album Grammy, and she was sitting with her friend Luke Combs, who performed with Tracy Chapman: ”I knew he was a fan of hers a long time ago. So I felt it was special, but you could feel it in the room.  It was very powerful, and think they stole the show that night.  When he got back after that performance, his cheeks were rosy, like an excited kid. I could tell that was a highlight moment for him.”

Lainey won 5 CMA awards, including Entertainer: “Keith Urban gave me the award, and I had seen him earlier in the night on the red carpet.  He told me, ‘I have a feeling it’s gonna be a big night for you.’  That’s when I started to get nervous.  When Keith says it, you gotta believe it.”

Lainey performed ‘Wildflowers & Wild Horses’ on the CMA Awards show last year: ”When we put that song on the record, we didn’t think it would be a single.  We didn’t know if radio would play it. But they surprised me. I want people to see my live show, and this song represents my live show.”

Lainey says she’s ready to release some new music: ”Before I was finished with my last album, I was already working on the next one.  I think it’s the strongest thing I ever put out.”

Lon asked if there’s anything that will surprise us? ”Yeah I think there are a couple things that will make you say ‘wow, I can’t believe she went there.’ If folks think they know me, they’re gonna really know me now.”

Lainey also has great stories this week about Eric Church, Dolly Parton, Jackson Dean, and Hardy.

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