Jordan Davis Co-Hosts 5/4-5

| April 29, 2024

The co-host this wknd is Jordan Davis, who is in our Top 5 with ”Tucson Too Late.” Jordan is nominated for four ACM Awards for his previous hit ”Next Thing You Know.” Jordan is headlining his own tour, plus is playing stadiums with Luke Combs. He also talks about his kids, including his 10 month old son.

Jordan has four ACM nominations for his #1 hit Next Thing You Know. ”I’m honored, especially for this song.  It’s done more for me than I ever would have dreamed.  It’s always a win to be nominated.  I’m looking forward to the whole night. We’ll see how my category shakes out.  I’m good either way, but I really wanna win!”

Jordan & his wife Kristen are the parents of three kids, including a baby boy, born last June: ”He’s rockin’ & rollin.’ Just the happiest little kid.  It’s chaos at my house now.  Absolute chaos but fun. He hasn’t started walking yet.”

Jordan has been playing some shows with Luke Combs this year. Apparently there’s some competition going on between Luke & Jordan on the basketball court. “I underestimated the athleticism of Luke Combs.  He hit one of the prettiest fadeaway shots on me.  I get reminded of it a lot.  He’s been showing the video of that shot at the show every night.”

Lon told Jordan there are four things that confuse him in the video.  Starting with 747s don’t fly to Tucson: ”You’re right, they don’t.  I should have done some research about that. I thought all planes were 747s.  I wondered if we should recut the song. It’s too late now.”

Number 2: Do flip-phones text? “Razors do. We tried to move the time frame so it was when I was in high school.  We had flip phones then.  The Razor flip-phone was my favorite.”

Number 3: You sing about a plane, but she’s at a bus stop: ”She’s taking a bus to the airport.  Or a taxi to the bus station, and bus to the airport. She was trying to give me enough time to catch her, but I got there too late.”

Number 4: What truck are you driving? “I showed up to the video set, and I asked about that. It’s an F-150, and the song is about a Chevy.  The video folks said, ‘We’ll just cover the name.’ But I told them people are gonna know. I got a lot of messages that I’ve got to learn my trucks better.”

Jordan also has great stories this week about Sam Hunt, Ashley Cooke, Mitchell Tenpenny, Nate Smith, and Thomas Rhett.

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