Luke Combs Co-Hosts 8/26-27

| August 21, 2023

The co-host this weekend is Luke Combs, who is in the Top 5 with “Love You Anyway.” He just had a two-week #1 with “Fast Car.” He & his wife Nicole are expecting their second son next month. Luke has been playing football stadiums all year. He’s in Australia now, and will tour Europe in October.

Luke & his wife Nicole are expecting their second son next month. Lon asked if they’ve picked a name: “No, we still haven’t picked one out. I wish we did, because we can’t seem to figure it out. We’re not in disagreement.  We just don’t have one we both like. We’ll figure it out.”

His son Tex is now 14 months old, and Luke gave an update: “He’s almost walking.  He’s moving and grooving all over.  He’ll just have to stumble and not fall to realize he can walk. He can crawl 10 miles an hour.  He’s a super happy baby, always laughing.”

Lon asked how his life has changed: “It’s a fundamental shift of everything. The priority list has gone from 10 things to just one.  They learn something new every day.  As a songwriter, once you have a kid, how would you write about anything else?  I’m always writing about him.  The majority of what I do is at home with my wife & son, and preparing for this next one.”

Luke just had a #1 a few weeks ago with “Fast Car.” Lon asked about that song: “We never thought it would be a #1, it was just something for me.  We had another single out, and this one jumped it.  It was a labor of love making that cover and I think people could hear that.  It was one of my favorite songs.”

Lon then asked if Luke’s talked to the original artist Tracy Chapman about performing it together on the CMA Awards: “We haven’t talked about it. I haven’t talked with her personally about it. I think the powers that be would love it. I think the fans would definitely love it. I’d sing it with her anywhere.”

Luke has been playing football stadiums all year, and brought out football players as guests during his shows.   In Kansas City, he challenged Patrick Mahomes to a shotgun beers: “Oh yeah, the people were stoked about that. That was a big moment for us. Who won? I definitely won. He was so nice. It’s a neat thing to give to the fans. It’s fun bringing people out and doing something different.”

Luke also has great stories this week about Jake Owen, Hailey Whitters, Lainey Wilson, Riley Green, Gabby Barrett, and Jordan Davis.

NEXT WEEK: Kane Brown


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