Kane Brown Co-Hosts 9/2-3

| August 28, 2023

The co-host this weekend on Country Countdown USA is Kane Brown. His latest Top 5 is “Bury Me In Georgia.” Lon was recently at Kane’s house to celebrate the #1 hit “Thank God.” Kane attended the Super Bowl earlier this year, and was in a suite with a lot of celebrities including Cher! Kane also talks about his recent interest in acting.

His current hit is “Bury Me In Georgia.” He tells Lon, “I didn’t expect this song to move this fast. It blew my mind with how well at radio it’s doing.” 

A couple months ago, Lon attended a #1 party for Kane and Katelyn at their house west of Nashville.  Kane said, It was awesome for me, I didn’t have to leave home!  I built the game room during covid, it has everything I love to do. I never have to leave, except to go to the grocery store.”

Katelyn has been on tour with Kane all year, singing Thank God as well as One Mississippi: “We’re looking for more songs that she can jump on so we can put more into the set.”

Earlier this year, Kane attended the Super Bowl, and found himself in a suite with a lot of celebrities: “Everybody was in there, Cher, Tyga, Yovan, Drewski.”  Lon asked Kane if he spoke with Cher: “No, I didn’t even look her way.  She’s way above me. She was with Tyga.  I sat by everybody’s security guards.”

Kane’s tour wraps up at the end of September.  After that, he’s looking into some acting projects: “I just tried out for a movie this morning.  I can’t really say anything about it. There’s a big actor who’s a comedian that’s in the movie. That’s why I tried out for it.  Don’t know if I’m gonna get the part.  But it would be cool.”  

Once the tour is over, Kane is leaving Nashville for a few months: “I’m gonna be in Florida with my family a lot, hanging out, making memories.  Of course working on new music, but in Florida, so it’ll be nice.  And then golfing and waiting for some acting roles to come in.”

Kane also has great stories this week about Chris Young, Kelsea Ballerini, Jon Pardi, Luke Combs, and Jason Aldean.

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