Tyler Hubbard Co-Hosts 1/28-29

| January 23, 2023

This week’s co-host is Tyler Hubbard, who has just released his debut solo album.  “Yeah, man, who gets to release their first album twice? It’s wild!”

Lon asked about Christmas with three kids aged 5, 3, and 2: “We had a lot of fun, we stayed home here in Nashville, just laid low, had a minimal Christmas. Then afterwards we went to Sun Valley where my wife’s from, hung out in the mountains, taught the kids to ski, so made some memories with them.”

Tyler spent the fall on the road with Keith Urban.  He told Lon there were some practical jokes in Peoria during the final weekend of the tour: “We dressed up, me & the band, we all dressed up as different animals during this bit that he does, this Africa bit, so we ran out as safari animals, surprised him, and made him lose it on stage.

That same weekend, Keith invited Tyler on-stage to do a song together: “Keith is infamous for getting an idea the night before. He texts me the night before, ‘Do you know any Tim McGraw?’ Sure. ‘OK, let’s do it tomorrow.’ So he’ll put you to the test.  Went out, sang Something Like That, and it went off OK.”

Tyler also brought his kids out on stage during the tour: “It’s a challenge, but it’s a lot of fun, and the kids love it.  When they’re on the road, you better believe they want to come on stage. We pick one night, and they’re so young, but they have no fear. They practically stole the show. It was a highlight for me, and for the fans too.”

Tyler also wanted to congratulate Jelly Roll on his first #1: “I’ve never hung out with him in person, but we’re phone buddies.  We text a lot and facetime. I think he adds such a cool dynamic to our genre, and I think it says a lot that he had a #1. What I love about country music is we value authenticity.  From Cody Johnson to Jelly Roll.  They’re both real and authentic. I think the fans resonate with that.”

Tyler also has great stories this week about Cole Swindell, Parker McCollum, Jimmie Allen, Jordan Davis, and Florida Georgia Line.

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