Kane Brown Co-Hosts 2/4-5

| January 30, 2023

This week, Kane Brown co-hosts the countdown. He & his wife Katelyn have a Top 5 song with “Thank God.” Kane tells how he celebrated Christmas with his two little girls. He just did tours of Australia and Europe, and he’s about to begin the Drunk Or Dreaming Tour of North America. He will play the pre-event concert at next week’s Super Bowl. Plus he has stories about Dustin Lynch, Gabby Barrett, Chris Young, Jimmie Allen, and Jason Aldean

Here’s a summary of this week’s show:

This week’s co-host is Kane Brown.  He & his wife Katelyn are in the Top 5 with “Thank God.” They’re also the parents of two daughters: Kingsley & Kodi Jane.  Kane described Christmas with a 3 year old and a 1 year old.  “Kingsley knew how to open presents and what they were.  She’s at the point where she’d open one and play with it, and leave all the other ones there.”

This was also the first year for the Elf on the Shelf: “We honestly kind of abused it.  The elf’s name was Sparkles.  If Kingsley wasn’t eating her dinner, it was like ‘Sparkles is watching you!’ One night, she wouldn’t eat her food, and wanted a cookie.  So I sat Sparkles on top of the cookies.  Kinglsey saw it, and she ate her dinner.  So we definitely abused it.”

Kane is a big fan of the Georgia Bulldogs.  Lon asked him if he went to the National Championship: “I was going to go, and it was a crazy amount of money. They offered me a suite, but that meant I had 18 tickets.  Then I’d have to rent a plane to get my friends to the game.  So I decided to stay home. Luckily I did, because it was a blow-out.  I would have been mad if I went.”

Kane will be heading to Phoenix next week for the pre-Super Bowl music festival: “I get to play the show before the Super Bowl, and I get to open for Imagine Dragons, which is huge.  I actually became friends with their lead singer, and I wrote a song with him.  I got a couple friends who are gamers, who’ll be out there, so it’ll be fun to play the show, and then go to the game.”

A few weeks before Christmas, Luke Bryan tweeted a video with Luke & Kane at Jason Aldean’s Nashville bar: “We were at Jason’s bar, walked past the fire alarm, and Luke said, ‘Wouldn’t it be funny if we set the alarm off?’ We didn’t actually set it off, but it looked like we did.  I was nervous, I had no part of pulling it, but I was guilty by association.” 

Kane also has great stories this week about Blake Shelton, Gabby Barrett, Lainey Wilson, Dustin Lynch, and Chris Young.

NEXT WEEK: Kane & Katelyn Brown


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