Scotty McCreery Co-Hosts 1/21-22

| January 16, 2023

This week’s co-host is Scotty McCreery.  He & his wife Gabi welcomed their first child, a son named Avery, on October 24.   He told Lon, “We had a lot of things going on in 2022, but nothing better than welcoming Avery into the world.  He got his name from the county where we go in the mountains.  We’re actually in Avery County right now.  We were also here when Avery was born.”

Lon then asked Scotty about Christmas: “It was my favorite Christmas I’ve ever had. Getting to spend it with him, we acually went to New Orleans, which is where my wife’s family is.  It was his first flight, and he slept the whole way.  We’re very lucky how chill he is.  He goes with the flow.  He smiles, he giggles, even his little toots are the cutest thing ever.”

How is diaper duty going? “It’s going, that’s for sure.  He’s having some blowouts, that’s for sure.  I’d never changed a diaper until him.  He hasn’t had the stinky ones, but I know they’re coming.  My wife’s a pediatric nurse, and she explained everything to me.  She made me more comfortable with all the things we have to do with babies.”

How have you changed? “Everything changes, your perspective, your priorities, For me, it’s all about Avery, he comes first.  We like to golf, but I’m not playing golf now.  He has really changed my world for the better.”

As part of that, Scotty will be taking his wife & son with him on the road: “I was going to be really sad to hit the road and leave him behind.  So we got a baby bus for tour, and we’re bringing Avery out.  Once March hits, it will be the rest of the year.”

Scotty mentioned that Avery got a special Christmas gift from a Hall of Famer: “Randy & Mary Travis sent Avery a little gift for Christmas.  Avery’s nursery is Winnie The Poo themed.  So they sent him a little memory box thing that had all the Winnie The Poo quotes on it and Avery’s name. Really special, really sweet.”

Plus Lon & Scotty speak with Jelly Roll about his first #1. ‘Is that not wild?  I feel like at any minute someone is gonna bust in and tell me ‘Just kidding.’  This was a super-vulnerable record for me.  It was important for my first single to country radio to be that way.  Real music for real people with real problems.”

Scotty also has great stories this week about Chris Young, Lee Brice, Jimmie Allen, Luke Bryan, and Brett Young.

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