Mitchell Tenpenny Co-Hosts 9/3-4

| September 1, 2022

This week’s co-host is Mitchell Tenpenny, and this is his first time as Lon’s co-host.  He’s in our studio after a late night of partying with Chris Young: “We met at the end of a bar last night!  Also there was Jon Pardi, he was making sure we were doing fine, so he showed up with his wife.  I met Chris for the first time with Jon at that exact same place 7 years ago. It was a deja vu moment.”

The other big news in Mitchell’s life is he will be getting married in a few weeks. “I’m getting married to the love of my life, Meghan Patrick, I couldn’t be happier to find my partner, to find the person who lets me do what I do.  We met at Loser’s here in Nashville, she came in wearing camo.  I said ‘Who are you?’  I want her day to be special, and if it’s special for her, it’ll be special for me.”

Mitchell has been opening for Luke Bryan all year.  He tells Lon, “His first album got me through high school.  He is what you see on TV.  He’s given me such great advice on this tour.  He’s the best of the best.  I’m humbled to be there.  The other day, he made me sing Chris Stapleton out of nowhere.  He just started playing a song.  He’s fun.”

Mitchell did a special show with Kane Brown a few weeks ago at a video game conference: “I was so out of my element.  Kane plays, he’s really good at that stuff.  I’m pretty terrible at any video game except for Madden.  But we both love sneakers.  I like shoes.  My shoe closet is bigger than my fiancĂ©’s. It is what it is, it’s an addiction.”

Mitchell’s second album will be released on September 17th, called This Is The Heavy. He told Lon, “Lyrically there’s some heavy stuff, and the production is a little heavier. It’s a little more aggressive, it’s gonna pound you in the chest. Crank it all the way up.”  

When Lon & Mitchell get to #1, it’s Mitchell’s duet with Chris Young.  “That song was special for us.  The journey of a song is so crazy for us.  I’m just so proud to get a #1 with one of my good friends.  After Drunk Me, it had been a while between radio singles. Thank you all for playing it, and now it’s #1.  So we hugged each other, and we celebrated something, we took that moment.”

Mitchell also has great stories this week about Luke Combs, Jimmie Allen, Old Dominion, Dustin Lynch, and Jordan Davis.

NEXT WEEK: Keith Urban

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