Justin Moore Co-Hosts 8/27-28

| August 22, 2022

This week’s co-host is Justin Moore.  Justin began the show talking about his kids: “School started this week.  It was South’s first day of kindergarten.  So I was pretty emotional.  My wife is pretty tough, I’m the weak one in the herd.  I was hugging my little boy, and my daughter asked, ‘Why are you crying?’  I said, ‘Hush, I did the same when you started school.'”

Justin told Lon that his current hit “With a Woman You Love” is a rare love song, peaking just a few weeks before his 15th wedding anniversary.  He remembered the conversation that led to the song: “I had been told by my wife that we were getting a cat.  I’m not the biggest fan of cats.  Now the cat sleeps with us.  We were talking about all the things we said we’d never do, like I’d never have a cat in the bed, and now I do.  When you find the right woman, you do a lot of things you thought you’d never do, and be happy about it.”

Lon asked: Is there still one thing you won’t do, even with the woman you love? “That’s a question if I was a smart man wouldn’t answer.  No more kids.  That’s where I put my foot down.  But fortunately we’re on the same page there.  That’s a good safe answer.”

Earlier this year, Justin became part of the morning show on his local sports radio station.  He told Lon, ‘”I told them if they can work with my schedule, I’ll give it shot.  I try my best to get up early and be on from 6 to 10. There are mornings when I get there late or miss a show because of my career. But it’s been a lot of fun. I have as much passion for sports as I do music.”

One of his highlights this year was opening for George Strait: “I told my manager and said ‘If anybody else comes in here to do this, I won’t be happy.  So tell them I’ll do it for free, I’ll even pay them to let me open for him.  That didn’t have to happen, but certainly that will always be a memorable night for me.”

“With A Woman You Love” is the first single from Justin’s next album.  Lon asked about it: “I’m really excited about it, I don’t know when we’ll put it out, I assume before the end of the year, probably late fall. We’re not reinventing the wheel, we do what we do.  There are some unique, clever titles, and two duets, one of which may be the next single.  The first is with Riley Green, he & I cut it two years ago.  The other is with Priscilla Block.”

Justin also has great stories this week about Dierks Bentley, Jon Pardi, Parker McCollum, Dustin Lynch, and Lee Brice.

NEXT WEEK: Mitchell  Tenpenny

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