Keith Urban Co-Hosts 9/10-11

| September 5, 2022

This week’s co-host is Keith Urban. Lon mentions the tour and gets a big smile from Keith: “Finally! Oh my gosh.  We’ve been waiting and waiting!  I live for it.” First time on the road in four years? “Yeah 2018.  The proper big tour, not since Graffiti U.  We’ve always been ready to go. It’s been the rules and regulations. That’s been the waiting game. The interaction with the fans is the thing I live for.  I’m very tactile, I like hugging people and shaking hands.  Not being able to do that was very strange.”

On this tour, Keith has continued his tradition of going into the audience.  Any misgivings since there are still a few health concerns: “The fact that it’s outdoors helps. The fact that I move quickly in the audience helps. But I love being out in the crowd, and it was hard to not do that.  I was anxious to get out in the summer sheds.  We’ve been lucky to get to do that on this tour, and knock on wood we get to keep doing that.”

Keith told Lon he’s been bringing his daughters on the road: “They’ve been out, I’ve been taking them out at different times individually, and it’s been great to have them out on the bus. They love the bus, and I would too at that age.  Just the idea of traveling and sleeping in the bunks. But it’s been nice having them out there.”

Keith just released a new single called “Brown Eyes Baby,” written in part by Morgan Wallen. “I found out Morgan was a writer on it maybe the day after I heard it.  He didn’t sing the demo.  But he’s one of four writers on the song, and it made sense because it’s a great song, and Morgan’s a great songwriter. I was just glad that he didn’t want to cut it!”

Lon asked if the new single will be from a new album: “Wild Hearts is the first single, Brown Eyes Baby is the second single. There’s somewhat of a thematic creative context that I started to find songs coming towards what will be this next project.  That’s somewhat of the common thread that’s coming in this next album.”

Keith also has great stories this week about Blake Shelton, Luke Combs, Jimmie Allen, Jelly Roll, and Florida Georgia Line.

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