Carrie Underwood Co-Hosts 9/17-18

| September 12, 2022

This week’s co-host is Carrie Underwood. Her current Top 10 is Ghost Story.  It’s her first time as co-host in three years.  “That’s crazy, when you said that, I was just ‘what on earth?’ I guess I blocked a solid year and a half out of my memory.”

Carrie’s current hit Ghost Story is a vocal tour de force, and that’s what she liked about it: “It’s the only song I wasn’t a writer on, and that should say a lot.  There are big vocal jumps in it, so I ended up in the vocal booth longer than usual. I’m usually the one to do a song over and over, and in this one, my co-producer was like, ‘Do you have one more?’ And I was getting irritated in the vocal booth. ‘I feel like we got it, David.'”  Lon asked, So did you do it one more time? “Oh yeah.  I thought I’d be mad about it.”

Carrie had a #1 duet last year with Jason Aldean: “My husband & I were watching some mindless thing after we put the boys to bed, and I was listening to the song on my phone, and Mike said, ‘What’s that?’ and I said it was a new song Jason sent over maybe to sing. And he goes, ‘It’s good,” and I said, ‘I know, right?’  The next thing you know, I was in the studio.”

The Denim & Rhinestones Tour kicks off in October, and Carrie described what people will see: “It’s going to be very spectacular, there will be some surprises as far as songs. If we can pull it off it’ll be a fun, cool moment.” Lon asked, Like what?  “I might cover a fun song. So there’s that.  You should look up from time to time.  I have a B stage, so I’ve got to get out there somehow.  I may be dangerous.”

As usual, Carrie will do a few costume changes during her show: “Of course I’m gonna change my clothes, it’s what I do.  There’ll be a lot of denim, a lot of rhinestones.  I encourage everyone to dress up.  I want to see the denim & rhinestones look. Just make it a night!  Just have fun with it.”

Joining Carrie this year will be Jimmie Allen: “I felt like he made sense.  He embodies denim & rhinestones, almost as much as I did.  At least we know we will have a lot of bling, and plenty of rhinestones for wardrobe. We may even get together on stage. It’s always a shame, if I was to have somebody like him out, it would be a shame not to get to sing with him while we’re on stage.”

Carrie also has great stories this week about Brad Paisley, Gabby Barrett, Dan & Shay, and Jimmie Allen.

NEXT WEEK: Carrie Underwood Part 2

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