Carly Pearce Co-Hosts 6/22-23

| June 17, 2024

The co-host this wknd is Carly Pearce, who is in the countdown with ”We Don’t Fight Anymore.” She tells Lon how she got Chris Stapleton to sing with her on the song, and who was her second choice. She also talks about being on the Standing Room Only Tour with Tim McGraw.

Carly tells Lon she first went to Chris Stapleton’s wife Morgan about this song: “I’ve known Morgan for a long time, so I sent a request on Instagram. It didn’t feel right to go to him. I felt connected to her.  I thought she would understand.”

Lon asked about their performance at the CMAs: “We were backstage before our rehearsal, and we ran it a few times. He sat down next to me, took his hat off, and just started singing. You wouldn’t have thought it was our first time we had sung it. It was a bone-chilling moment.”

Carly’s currently on the road with Tim McGraw: “You don’t realize how many hits he’s had until you watch his show. He’s very involved in the show, he makes jokes, he & Faith are there all the time, and everyone backstage is their friends.

How about his workout trailer? “I tried to lift one of his tires, and I couldn’t.  It took all my strength to pick it up.  That’s why he has an 8-pack and I don’t.   I didn’t work out with him at all. They’re in much better shape than I am.”

She got to sing for the first time with Dolly Parton. “Yeah it was my first time to sing with her. What impressed me at rehearsal is how sharp she is. We went back & forth on what we were going to sing. Her harmony is so perfect.”

Carly was nominated for a Grammy, and attended the show: “This was my first time to sit in the artist section. It was awesome to see all this music come together.”

One celebrity she met at the Grammy Awards was Meryl Streep: “It was so unlike me, I said, ‘Meryl I’ve had enough wine to ask for a picture.’  She said ‘That’s OK, I’ve had a lot of wine too,’ and we took a picture that I’ll cherish forever.”

Carly also has great stories this week about Jelly Roll, Lainey Wilson, Megan Moroney, Ashley Cooke, and Nate Smith.

NEXT WEEK: Jason Aldean


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