Bailey Zimmerman Co-Hosts 5/25-26

| May 20, 2024

The co-host this wknd is Bailey Zimmerman, who’s in our Top 5 with ”Where It Ends.” He just played the Stagecoach festival in California. He also played Luke Bryan’s Crash My Playa festival in Mexico. He’s on the road now with Morgan Wallen. Plus he’s headlining his own tour of Europe.

Bailey played the Stagecoach Festival a few weeks ago: ”It’s the craziest weekend ever.  The craziest part was I took my clothes off on stage. I don’t know if I’m proud of it, but it was fun.  Just to my underwear with peaches on them.  I didn’t think about it until I took my shirt off. All of a sudden, I’m in my underwear on stage.”

Bailey began the year at Luke Bryan’s Crash My Playa: “I told Luke to sign my up for next year. There’s a swim up bar 5 feet from your room at all times. You get super duper drunk and swim all day.”

Bailey had a lot to say about Drew Baldridge: ”This is his first radio Top 30. He mentored me coming to Nashville. He’s from a town in Illinois that’s 30 miles from my hometown. He reached out to give me advice.   The fact that Drew Baldridge is in the Top 30 is amazing.” 

Lon noticed something in the video to Where It Ends: After you go to her house with a cardboard box with her stuff in it, you come out with the box: ”That was an accident when we shot the video. But then I realized, ‘This is MY box. You ain’t gettin’ my box.’ That’s so funny. Nobody’s ever noticed that. Thanks for noticing.”

A few weeks ago, when Thomas Rhett was Lon’s co-host, he told Lon he tried to reach out to Bailey, but Bailey never called back.  Lon played that for Bailey, and he said: ”I have that problem. I get overwhelmed with texts, and don’t look at them.  If you’re listening, Thomas, I’m a huge fan of yours. I didn’t mean to ignore your text. I’ll call Thomas.  I didn’t know that.  I had no idea.  That’s awesome.”

Bailey also has great stories this week about Hardy, Nate Smith, Jelly Roll, Cody Johnson, and Morgan Wallen.

NEXT WEEK: Jelly Roll


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