Hardy Co-Hosts 3/9-10

| March 4, 2024

The co-host this week is Hardy, who is in the Top 5 with “Truck Bed.” Hardy is also one of the writers of the current Kenny Chesney single, ”Take Her Home.” Hardy was on the road last year with Morgan Wallen, Bailey Zimmerman, and Lainey Wilson. He tells Lon he had a chance to write with Carrie Underwood. He also reveals his plans for his next album.

When he came in the studio, Lon noticed Hardy had shorter hair.  Hardy explained, ”I chopped it off. I just released a video for Rockstar, and the last character I played was Freddie Mercury.  I thought, let’s dig into the bit, so I had my stylist cut my hair. I had time, let’s cut it off, and it’ll grow back.”

Hardy has a second song in the countdown. He wrote Take Her Home for Kenny Chesney: ”I heard Kenny was looking for songs, so I sent him Take Her Home, and he cut it. This song went from getting written to on the radio in six weeks.”

Lon asked if Kenny explained what he liked about the song: ”Not really, not into the specifics of the song. I remember he said. ‘I love this, and I’m gonna cut it.’  That was good enough for me.”

Hardy’s most unique songwriting experience: “I’ve written with Carrie Underwood, and I learned that she’s a metal head.  I wore a Limp Bizkit shirt, and we sang Limp Bizkit lyrics back & forth. It’s not what I expected.”  

Hardy broke a little news that he’s been working on some new music: “My next record will be, sadly for some, a rock & roll record.  That doesn’t mean I have given up on country music.  I will always make country music. I’m just saying my next record will be rock. Sonically, that’s it. That’s what the next record will be.”

Hardy also has great stories this week about Tyler Hubbard, Lainey Wilson, Bailey Zimmerman, Morgan Wallen, and the late Toby Keith.

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