Old Dominion Co-Hosts 2/17-18

| February 12, 2024

The co-hosts this weekend are the members of the band Old Dominion, who are in the Top 30 now with “Can’t Break Up Now,” featuring Megan Moroney. They also recently released a new album featuring the #1 song “Memory Lane.” the guys have great stories about a lot of their friends, including Jelly Roll, Scotty McCreery, Jordan Davis, and Thomas Rhett. They also have thoughts about the impact of the late Toby Keith.

Their current hit features Megan Moroney: ”’Her voice is unique, she’s managed to set herself apart.  She seems to be very much herself, and that’s tough to do, and awesome to watch.”

Their latest album includes a song they co-wrote with Jordan Davis: ”We wrote that at Brad’s house.  Yep, smoked a couple cigars out there. We were on tour with Kenny Chesney at that time. Every night you see these big anthemic songs in stadiums, so that’s what we were after.”

The band played Red Rocks Amphitheater last year, and Peyton Manning was a surprise guest on stage: “He said he’d come out and sing. He joined us for Mellencamp’s Pink Houses. He was singing softly. He blended in nicely with everyone.”

The guys have gotten to know Jelly Roll: “We met him backstage at a Dave Chapelle show in Nashville. He rolling in with this huge entourage, and we wondered who he was. He was so sweet and so genuine.  He is so authentic about what he’s doing.  When you have that and have great songs, that’s when the magic sauce kicks in, and that’s what he has right now.”  

The group’s Matt Ramsey wanted to talk about Toby Keith: “He was a true pioneer. He did what we all aspire to do, which is do it his way.  That’s difficult to do, but Toby made it look easy.  It’s a devastating loss.”

Old Dominion also has great stories this week about Thomas Rhett, Scotty McCreery, Carly Pearce, Luke Bryan, and Hardy.

NEXT WEEK: Remembering Toby Keith


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