Justin Moore Co-Hosts 7/29-30

| July 24, 2023

This week’s co-host on Country Countdown USA is Justin Moore, who is in the Top 5 with “You, Me, & Whiskey,” featuring Priscilla Block. “She & I met at an acoustic show, and she impressed me. A few months later, I contacted her about this song. She was the first person I thought of for this song, so I’m glad it’s doing well.”

Justin brought Priscilla on the road this year, so they did the song together at every show. “It’s been a lot of fun, to have her out there with us. We’re gonna do more in the fall. It’s not been as much fun to do it without her this summer.  It will be great to do it together now that it’s become a hit record.”

Justin & Priscilla appear in the steamy video, but not as the main characters: “I wanted it to be sultry and sexy.  But I didn’t to be the one rolling around in bed. Nobody wants to see that. That ain’t gonna sell any records!”

Justin just released a new album called Stray Dog in May. But he tells Lon he’s about to record a new one: “I try to stay like an album ahead, as far as writing goes. I’m really excited about it.  By the time an album comes out, we’ve already been living with it for a while.  So those songs are old to me.”

Justin has four children: Three girls and a boy.  His son South just had his 6th birthday: “He wanted a baseball birthday party. He’s obsessed with baseball. We’re fans of the Atlanta Braves in this house.  So I walked past his room, and he was sleeping with his baseball bat. I sent a picture to my wife with the caption: ‘Our son is sleeping with his baseball bat.'”

Lon asked Justin if he had advice for new father Jon Pardi: “I’d tell him to enjoy the younger years.  My oldest daughter has her first boyfriend.  Ella was playing in a softball tournament, and the night before, she says, ‘Dad, can I ask my boyfriend to go?’  We took him.  But I try to embarrass my daughter when he’s around.  We were on the way home from the softball game, and my song came on the radio. So I pointed to the radio and said to him, ‘That’s me, just so you know, that’s me on the radio.’ My daughter was mortified.”

Justin also has great stories this week about Lainey Wilson, Thomas Rhett, Chris Janson, Ashley McBryde, and Riley Green.

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