Tyler Hubbard Co-Hosts 5/13-14

| May 8, 2023

This week’s co-host is Tyler Hubbard, who has a Top 5 with “Dancin’ In The Country.” He wrote it with Keith Urban. The video features actor Terry Crews.

Tyler talks about writing his latest hit with Keith Urban: “I sort of set the tone that morning, I wanted to write something that was fun, light-hearted, and energetic. The imagery that came along with that title was pretty powerful, and it was a special day as a songwriter.”

Lon asked if he’s kept in touch with Keith: “We stay in touch pretty well.  He’s become a good buddy, especially since we put out this demo, letting the fans in on that day, the energy in the room, and the creation process.”

Tyler says he remembers helping Morgan Wallen in the early stages of his career: “It’s been fun to watch him come up, it’s been a quick ride, lot of great memories, I hear him on the radio on every single station every time I get in the car.  It takes me back to those years of touring together.  It’s fun to see t win, see it work, and I’m super happy for Morgan.”

Tyler also said he’s trying to learn from things Morgan and his team are doing: “It’s been interesting to do my homework as an artist, see what’s working with the Wallen model, in an effort to better myself, it’s fun to watch how he & his team are doing it. I appreciate all the chances he’s taking and doing what he’s done.”

Another artist who received early support from Tyler is Hardy: “He’s one of those guys who was writing big hits, he was one of my favorite dudes, it’s fun to see the growth and development.  He’s been a big part of our career as a songwriter.  He’s doing a cool blend of rock & country, he’s a hard worker, and an incredible singer. He’s like Stapleton. 

Lon played Tyler a cut from Bailey Zimmerman, saying that Cruise was a hit when he was a teenager.  Lon asked Tyler how it felt to hear that: “It makes me feel good but it also makes me feel old. I used to say the same thing to Tim McGraw.  He’s say, ‘Don’t tell me that stuff.’  It’s fun to be able to give back a little bit.”

Lon asked if he still hears from McGraw: “I did, he just reached out and texted me, said he heard 5 Foot 9 and it made him smile.  It’s cool to have someone like Tim who I looked up to for years now being a mentor and support system.”

When he has time off, Tyler is busy with three young kids: “The kids are great, growing like crazy. Our hands are full, but it’s a lot of fun. They’re full of energy & joy, it’s really a gift. It’s an exhausting gift. But I’m lovin’ life.”  

Tyler also has great stories this week about Jordan Davis, Brett Young, Joe Nichols, Jelly Roll, and Old Dominion.

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