Lainey Wilson Co-Hosts 6/3-4

| May 29, 2023

This week, Lainey Wilson co-hosts, fresh from winning four trophies at the ACM Awards. She won Female Artist, Album, Music Event, and Visual Media. The last two were for “Wait In The Truck,” shared with Hardy. Lainey just released a new single called “Watermelon Moonshine.” She’s also playing stadiums this summer with Luke Combs.

Lon began by asking her to summarize the night: “I’m gonna have to build me a shelf. I haven’t received them yet.  They say it might be six months.  They try to keep you humble. They don’t wanna give ’em to you that night.”

Lon asked about her performance: “I made a conscious decision that night to be in the moment, I’m gonna soak this up, this is what it’s about. I’ve dedicated my life to this, and it finally feels like it’s starting to love me back.”

How many times did you practice the hat throw?  “I got lucky, I’ll be honest, that was one if the best throws I had. I had not yet had the opportunity to show that side of me on a televised performance yet. I have that side of me, and that’s what that was.”

After the ACM Awards, Lainey performed on American Idol: “I finally made it on American Idol. I tried out 7 times.  I took the long way around, but finally made it on American Idol.  I never made it through. I never made it past the first round.  I also tried out for The Voice. I’m grateful my story ended the way that it did.”

Lon asked about her bell bottoms: “I’ve been wearing them for ten years. Nobody has seen my ankles.  One day I’ll wear cutoff bell bottoms. You won’t see me in shorts. I don’t shave my legs enough to wear shorts.”

The new single is Watermelon Moonshine: “This song is about that young wild crazy love, that time in your life when nothing else mattered.  Songs like this keep me grounded.” Lon asked if she thought about Strawberry Wine: “We did. I can’t help but channel the songs I grew up listening to.”

Lainey appeared in the past season of Yellowstone.  So will we see her in the final season? “We’ll see. Fingers crossed. I hope so. They are very secretive.” 

Lainey also has great stories this week about Luke Combs, Dylan Scott, Tyler Hubbard, Jelly Roll, Hailey Whitters, and Dolly Parton.

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