The Day Jordan Met Garth

| February 19, 2023

It happened last October at the studio where we do Country Countdown USA! Jordan Davis had been in the building all day promoting his latest single. Garth Brooks was coming in to co-host the Countdown. They met in the lobby. Four months later, Jordan was back in the building, and Country Countdown USA host Lon Helton asked him about that day, and played him what Garth said about that meeting. Listen:

(Garth) We had met before, I’m amazed at quickly the conversation goes to kids with a new dad. He has a 1 year old and a 3 year old. He says the 3 year old is the picture perfect female. I said ‘Get ready.’ The 1 year old is gonna be a big boy. I told him the girl will change a hundred times, and that boy will never change. Children are the biggest heartache and the biggest joy you’ll ever have.

(Jordan) He did say that, and that stuck with me. When I say it people ask me who said it, and I say Garth Brooks. I’m not trying to namedrop, but he said it perfectly. That was so cool when we left that day. I got to tell him what he meant to me. It’s cool any time you meet someone like that, and he remembers you. It’s genuine, he knows my daughter’s name.  He’s as good as it gets.  I’ll never be able to pass this studio, and not be like, ‘I met Garth Brooks in front of that door right there.'”

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