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| December 12, 2022
Lon Helton Interviews Dolly Parton

Listen to a podcast on Lon Helton’s interview with Dolly Parton.

I want to start by talking about the induction by Pink at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame: Was that not beautiful. I was sitting there with my false eyelashes on, at the table, knowing I was going up there, and she pulled so many strings in my heart. She is such a spectacular human being, nobody could have done it better.

Did you have a hand in picking her? I had heard that she had wanted to do it. So I don’t know the details. But I was honored, and we got to talk, so we think we might get to do something together. I told her I was inspired to do a rock album, and asked if she would be willing, and she said ‘Are you crazy? Of course I’d do your album.’ So she said she’d do it.

When Pink said of you ‘There are few finer songwriters, male or female, who have ever lived, I went BAM! Well that was nice to say, there are a lot of great writers out there, I’ve been blessed, I’ve written a lot of songs, I’ve always said I’ve written 3,000 songs, but I’ve got three good ones. Just to be thought of as a songwriter, that’s always been my first love.

Your backing band was the Zac Brown Band: They were great, in fact Zac & I talked, and he sent me a couple of songs, and we’re gonna do a duet on one of his songs pretty soon. He sent me two songs to choose from. We talked a lot about it at the Hall of Fame.

The best part about that is we’ll hear more of you on country radio: I want to be more on country radio! I’ll probably do more with other people. I want to do more stuff like that.

You’re not slowing down! I don’t plan to slow down now! Not if I can help it!

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