Dolly Parton Co-Hosts 12/17-18

| December 12, 2022

This week, a very special co-host for the final countdown of the year: Dolly Parton! Her latest album is the Ultimate Deluxe version of Holly Dolly Christmas. She also has a Christmas special airing next Wednesday on NBC-TV.

Dolly was recently inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame by Pink: “I was sittin’ there with my false eyelashes on, knowing I was going to be going up, and she pulled so many strings in my heart!”

Lon quoted from Pink’s introduction, saying “There are few finer songwriters that have ever lived.”  Dolly responded: “There are a lot of great writers out there. I’ve written thousands of songs, but I’ve got three good ones!”

Lon asked what she talked about with Pink: “I told her I was inspired to do a rock album, and I was going to ask some singers to sing with me, and would she do it, and she said ‘Of course I’d do it!”  

The band playing at the Hall of Fame Induction was The Zac Brown Band: “Zac & I talked, and he sent me a couple songs.  I’m going to a duet on one of them pretty soon.  What a great guy he is.  I’ll probably do more things with other people.  I don’t plan to slow down.”

Dolly has a TV special on NBC next week called Magic Mountain Christmas, that was filmed at Dollywood: “I thought this year would be a great time to do another Christmas special. I got the idea to do it in my hometown, we have everything there, so we thought it would be great to do it from Dollywood.  

Then after that she’s co-hosting a New Year’s Eve TV special with Miley Cyrus: “She appeared on my Magic Mountain Christmas special, and asked me to do her show. So we’ve been talking since then about what we’re going to wear. I’m really looking forward to that! Miley & I just have that magic.  We don’t need a script.  Anything can happen on that show.”

Lon asked about the recent grant she received from the Jeff Bezos Foundation: “I will do what my heart leads me to do.  Some of it will go to my existing charities, but I may set up a new one too. I have ten years to decide how to spend it.  I will help a lot of people that need help.”

Dolly also has great stories this week about Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert, Maren Morris, Carly Pearce, and Chris Stapleton.

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