Thomas Rhett Co-Hosts 11/12-13

| November 7, 2022

This week Thomas Rhett co-hosts the countdown. He just wrapped up his Bring The Bar To You Tour with Parker McCollum. Thomas shares what he & his wife did for their 10th wedding anniversary. He talks about the impact of “She Had Me At Heads Carolina,” a song he wrote with Cole Swindell. Plus some inside stories about his Top 5 hit “Half Of Me.”

Parker McCollum opened for Thomas all tour: “On the last day of the tour, we went to the gym together.  He told me that he learned a lot about running a tour from me.  That was a big compliment.  For me, watching Parker, he is so confident on that stage, he built that confidence in me.  So while he said he learned a lot from me, the feeling was very mutual.”

The tour ended in Dayton Ohio, and there were practical jokes: “Parker & Conner bought these costumes that were like giant beer bottles, and they came out and sang Beer Can’t Fix with me, so getting to watch them attempt to prank me in Dayton was a lot of fun.”

Thomas & his wife Lauren just celebrated their tenth wedding anniversary: “It was incredible, we went out to our farm outside of Nashville for a couple days, I’m learning as you have a lotta kids, sometimes a stay-cation is the best form of vacation you can do.” Listen here:

Thomas was a co-writer of Cole Swindell’s recent #1 “She Had Me At Heads Carolina:” “That song is a monster.  Biggest hit of my career. Bigger than any song I’ve ever released.  I kind of wish Cole & I flipped a quarter, heads I sing it, and tails it’s Cole.”

Thomas’ current hit “Half Of Me” ends with Riley Green saying “I can’t tell if it’s good, or it’s just cause you’re on it.”  Thomas explained: “Riley will kill me for telling this story, but he literally sang this song twice.  My producer looked at Riley, and asked him to do it a few more times.  Riley said, ‘I’m not gonna lie to you, it ain’t gonna get any better than that!’  So Riley said that after the second take, and my producer thought it was hilarious, so he kept it in the recording, and I’m glad we kept that part on there.  It’s my favorite part of the song.”

Thomas also has great stories this week about Jason Aldean, Gabby Barrett, Tyler Hubbard, Katy Perry, and Cole Swindell.

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