Tyler Hubbard Co-Hosts 11/5-6

| October 31, 2022

This week’s co-host is Tyler Hubbard, who has gone solo after ten years as half of Florida Georgia Line: “I’m enjoying it, it feels right and timely, I’m excited for myself and BK, I’m excited for us to get some individualism, to have our personal stories told, so it feels good to take on this new challenge.”

Tyler has been on the road with Keith Urban, and for the first time in a while, he’s not the headliner: “It’s definitely a transition. I enjoy this.  It takes me back to opening for Jason Aldean or Luke Bryan. I love the challenge of trying to win a crowd over, warming a crowd up for Keith Urban. It’s definitely different & tough, but I thrive on the building and the challenge.”

Speaking of the Urban tour, Tyler said he observed some things about Keith he admired: “I’ve learned he’s super-regimented, which I admire.  Watching his, from his diet, how he operates his life, everything is very intentional, and he told me ‘The reason I am this way is because I want to enjoy the two hours I’m on stage.’  So he does what it takes to continue that. I guess I need to eat more seeds and run more miles.”

Joining Keith & Tyler this year has been Ingrid Andress, and Tyler said he enlisted Ingrid to be a part of his show: “I bring her out for Meant To Be, and have her sing BeBe’s part. It’s a lot of fun to share the stage together. I love singing with Ingrid, so it’s great.”

Going solo was a big decision with Tyler, and he got advice from some of his friends, including Russell Dickerson: “Russ has always been supportive, it’s cool to bounce ideas off him. I remember I was trying to figure the first single, and I was out with him & his wife. Russell just started singing 6 Foot 9, and I told him I was thinking about making it the first single, and he said, ‘Dude, I think that should be the first.’ So gotta thank Russ for that.”

Tyler told Lon he’s very happy that Cole Swindell has a girlfriend: “I was glad to hear that, because when we were on the road together, he would always say, ‘I wanna find someone like you & Haley.’  I always encouraged him to keep looking.  Sure enough, I can see it in his eyes, and he’s told me how in love he is, so I’m excited for him.”

Tyler also has great stories this week about Luke Combs, Brett Young, Jelly Roll, Thomas Rhett, and Tim McGraw.

NEXT WEEK: Thomas Rhett

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