Garth Brooks Gets 1st Tattoo

| October 16, 2022

Garth Brooks told Country Countdown USA’s Lon Helton that he now has a tattoo, thanks to his daughter Allie: “My daughter Allie is pretty inked up. In 2014, she said, ‘Dad, I turn 18 in 2014, let’s go to Ireland and get a tattoo together.’ I said OK. Then the concert was canceled in 2014, so I thought, ‘I’m out of it.’ It was the only good thing because I didn’t have to get a tattoo. And then when this show was scheduled, she texted me that said ‘Ireland’s coming. Tattoo.’ That’s all she said. Thus it started. So from this point forward, I take the five women in my life: My mother, my three girls, and Miss Yearwood. They’re in places on my body, and that’s where it started, in places close to my heart. So never been inked before, probably never get another one again. This one’s pretty large. It’s all on the front chest, it’s on my back shoulder. The only part I have to finish is my forearms. Then Miss Yearwood is on my heart. My daughters are on my arms. I wanted them on my side my whole life. So we have their birthdays. My mother is on my shoulder, she’s my angel on my shoulder. And Miss Yearwood’s birthday is on my heart. It’s pretty cool, I’m glad I did it, if anyone asks, yeah it hurts! But when you talk about what it means to you, I understand why people get them. A lot of thought has gone into this, then what I love is the artist himself has the touch, he takes his time, and knows how much it means to you.”

Garth was wearing a sweatshirt from Hypnotic Tattoo, which is a shop in Las Vegas that’s completing the tattoo that was begun in Ireland.

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