Garth Brooks Co-Hosts 10/15-16

| October 10, 2022

This week’s co-host is Garth Brooks, who is just back after performing five sold out shows in Ireland, wrapping up his stadium tour. Garth told Lon, “This is the end of a chapter, and you’re not gonna believe what the next chapter is ready to do, so we’re really excited. I’ll even show you my tattoo, since it’s radio.”

Garth had this to say about his shows at Croke Park in Dublin: “It’s Ireland, it has nothing to do with Garth Brooks. If you play music. get yourself to Ireland. It’ll change your life. 80,000 a night for five nights, and they do not sleep.  It is an entertainer’s dream to get to play for those people.”

The other bit of news last week was the passing of country legend Loretta Lynn.  Garth had many personal experiences with her: “Loretta for me was the first female who became the first Reba or the first Dolly.  The lion doesn’t have to roar.  She always put herself in the back row, and they would move her to the front row. We exchanged many gifts, and one of my prize possessions is a pair of her boots.”

The next project for Garth is Part 2 of his Anthology, covering 1996-2001. “This is the wildest ride on the planet.  Trisha writes that she saw an artist in the first five years who was just hanging on. The second five years is the captain taking charge of the ship.  Your second five years is where you live or die.”  The 6 CD package ships on November 15.

This weekend is the annual Medallion Ceremony where the new Hall of Fame members are inducted.  Among them is the late Keith Whitley.  Lon asked Garth if he is involved: “We’ve been lucky enough to be invited to be part of it.  We can’t say what we’re doing, but we’re going to be part of it. When you think about all the overdue people to be in the Hall of Fame, Whitley is my guy.”

So what about that tattoo? “My daughter Allie is pretty inked up.  She turned 18 in 2014, and I promised to get a tattoo with her in Ireland.  When the show in 2014 was canceled I thought I was off the hook. When we announced Ireland this year, she reminded me of my promise.  So with me forever, I’ll take the five women in my life, my mother, my three daughters, and Miss Yearwood, all in places on my body.”

Lon asked about the next chapter: “The Garth Channel came to an end, so now we’re getting ready to launch Garth Channel 2.0.  The Friends bar on Broadway may also have its own channel. What I love is technology will open the door where the new chapter will be like nothing we’ve ever done before. So I look forward to the future.”

The #1 song this week is Cole Swindell’s “She Had Me At Heads Carolina” based on the JoDee Messina hot from 1996.  Garth knows JoDee, and said this: “The first time we talked about Heads Carolina, we were at a celebrity softball game.  I told her it’s a beautiful windows-down 70 miles an hour song that we all wish we recorded.  It’ll stand the test of time.  In fact, look at what the #1 song is this week.”

Garth also has great stories this week about Blake Shelton, Jason Aldean, Jimmie Allen, Jon Pardi, and Jordan Davis.

NEXT WEEK: Morgan Wallen

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