Cole Swindell Co-Hosts 10/1-2

| September 26, 2022

This week’s co-host is Cole Swindell. He has one of the fastest moving songs of the year with ‘She Had Me At Heads Carolina.” Cole told Lon, “I honestly don’t have the words. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a reaction like this to one of my songs.”

Can you feel it on stage? “You can usually tell when a song goes Top 10. But we were playing this song before it was released, and people were singing it.  I always wished I had a song like this, and now I do.”

The video features a cameo from JoDee Messina. Will we see you two on stage together? “We’re working on some more stuff.  Hopefully we’ll have some news that me & JoDee are working on.  We live in different states, we’re trying to work it out.  We’re working hard to get something to the fans.  If we got it done, it would be a milestone memory.”

Cole wrote the song with Thomas Rhett: “The original plan for me & Thomas to do a song together.  I was bummed when the story in this one didn’t make sense as a duet.  Hopefully he’s still down to do a feature with me, whether it’s his album or my album. It’s something the fans want, and something we want to do.”

Cole is nominated for Musical Event and Music Video at this year’s CMA Awards.  The song is his two-week #1 Never Say Never: “That’s feeling, to wake up to that news, it was a good morning, No matter what, win or lose, it felt good to wake up to that news.”

Hosts for the CMA Awards will be Luke Bryan & Peyton Manning.  Cole knows both of them.  But has he played golf with Peyton yet? “No I haven’t. He’s joined me on stage before. I know he’s a big golfer like me, and for some reason we haven’t yet.  We’ve talked about it, and I know he has to be here for rehearsals, so we may take him out to the course and have a good time.  Should be fun.”

Last time Cole was here, he talked about his girlfriend, Courtney, so Lon asked about the latest: “Everything’s going great. Just over a year we’ve been together. She’s a special person. I waited a long time to find somebody like that. To be able to share it with somebody, it feels like everything’s coming together. Just so grateful for everything going on.”

Cole also has great stories this week about Lainey Wilson, Jelly Roll, Bailey Zimmerman, Tyler Hubbard, and Tim McGraw.

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