Carrie Underwood’s Song Cabin

| January 18, 2015

Carrie 8-8-13Carrie Underwood’s latest album, “Greatest Hits: Decade #1,” features more than Carrie’s voice.  She also wrote the majority of the songs on the project.  Many of those hits were written in a secluded cabin near Nashville that she owns specifically for writing songs.  She spoke with Country Countdown USA’s about her little getaway: A few years ago, I bought some cabins that were outside of town and really old and kind of tucked away.  It’s just beautiful there.  There are two cabins, one’s like a house, and the other is more like an office or work space.  I decided to turn that into a writing cabin.  So I got some equipment, a mixing board, some speakers, microphones, couches and comfy stuff, and I’ve written a lot out there.  Brett James & Chris DeStafano and I were out there to write ‘Something In The Water.’  It’s just such a cool vibe.  It’s easy and relaxed and homey.  Nashville is gorgeous in town, but it’s gorgeous out of town too.  So I’ve had a lot of luck out there writing songs, people feel like we’re out of town, on a mini paid vacation.”

Take us through writing Something In The Water: “This was one where Chris DeStafano came in with some music ideas.  He was very excited about it.  He said, ‘It’s either great, or you’re gonna hate it.’  It started out as a sweet song, and takes off, then drops out.  So I started flipping through titles and song ideas, and wondered what does this feel like.  You really have to let the song write itself to some extent.  So I said I have this title called Something In The Water, about baptism, there may have been something in the water, you have that moment when you give your life over, and it must be the water.  We went from there, and towards the end, the song kept building, and we talked about putting a hymn in there.  I wasn’t sure about Amazing Grace, but once we sang it, it was undeniable, it belonged in the song, and you’ve gotta let the song write itself sometimes.”

Let’s talk more about the process, do you prefer the music first or lyrics first? “It’s all about the creative, whatever it needs that day.  Sometimes you’ll have a title, or a vocal melody, or a vibe, and Chris is a mad scientist.  Give him ten minutes, and I love that.  I feel like I can write something to any melody.  I feel that’s my strong suit, vocal melody and lyrics.  I’m useless when it comes to the musical side of things.  When they start playing the music, I just want to sing.  Just let me sing!”

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