Carrie: New Music This Year

| January 18, 2015

Carrie 8-28-12Carrie Underwood’s latest album is “Greatest Hits: Decade #1,” covering ten years of hits, two CDs, and 25 songs.  But when does Carrie begin Decade #2?  Carrie tells Country Countdown USA’s Lon Helton that she hasn’t actually set a deadline: “I hate stamping a done date on things before it’s done, but it’s always been my hope that this year, we’ll continue to roll out new music.  Definitely new music this year.  That’s always been on my radar.  I did quite a bit of writing last year, and will continue to do that until the little guy makes his appearance on the planet, and hopefully after, give myself a little time to get the hang of being a mom, I’ll do some writing.  I feel if I’m up for a 3AM feeling, I might as well keep a notepad and a pen on the table to think of ideas, it might be a perfect time, you never know.  I feel it’s something I can continue to do even with child.  I’ve been in writing sessions with new moms, who had to leave to feed the baby.  Everybody understands, it’s a whole new cool thing, a whole new energy to have in the room with us, so it’s going to be exciting.”

(Lon) As you’ve been writing, have you chosen co-writers who understand what you’re going through now? (Carrie) “I’m always looking to write with new people.  I definitely enjoy it when I get to write with other women, it’s one of my favorite things to do.  I enjoy being around other female energy, because I’m a lady, and it’s nice when there’s somebody else who talks like me, and uses phrases a woman would use.  Sometimes I hear songs and think, this was written for a girl by a man because girls don’t say that.”

Any new songs that reflect on being a mom? I’m sure there will be, I’m sure it’s inevitable, because your life works its way into music.  That’s what we do, we share stories about relationships. We all are just story tellers, and there’s some small ounce of truth in every song someplace, your life works its way into what you write.”

Back to the Greatest Hits, it’s coming at a pivotal time for you, was it like closing a chapter for you? “Not closing, but I get to start a new chapter.  It’s been ten years since I won American Idol, so much has happened in my life.  My life right now, working on a new complete album, becoming a mom, it really is the beginning of a whole new universe for me, and my husband, and my career.  It’s really exciting, whatever is to come, it’s really exciting, but it’s been wonderful, not therapeutic, but nice to reflect on the last ten years.”


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