Bailey Zimmerman Co-Hosts 4/8-9

| April 3, 2023

This week’s co-host is Bailey Zimmerman, who is making his first appearance as Lon’s co-host: “Every day I wake up and think what the heck is going on? I’m playing on a world tour, I have hit songs, and two years ago, I was living with my mom.”

For example, Bailey’s current hit “Rock & A Hard Place” was just released four months ago: “I know, I get calls from the label and they’re like, ‘it’s crazy, this song is moving so fast.’  It’s the craziest feeling. The writers are such good dudes, and they deserve to win.  So, I’m so grateful for this song, it’s crazy how it’s all worked out.”

Bailey is on the road all year with Morgan Wallen: “That dude is a stand up dude. I told him I’ve been listening to his music since I was 14. He’s taken me under his wing, he’s made me feel welcome, it makes me want to go out and crush things for him.”

The shows with Morgan are at some of the country’s biggest stadiums: “We’re going to rehearsals to get ready for Milwaukee. I’ve been running and getting ready.  I’ve had to get in shape to do these big stages. It’s like being an athlete, you’ve got to eat good and live good so you can do your best on stage.”

Bailey is from southern Ilinois, and grew up a St. Louis Cardinals fan.  He told Lon it will be special to play Busch Stadium in July: “We went to Busch Stadium all the time, so now that I get to play that stadium is a mind-blowing thing. I get to have my buddy’s bachelor party there because we’re so close to home.”

Bailey mentioned that he was living with his mom two years ago. Lon asked if he’s moved out yet: “Yes I have.  I remember calling my mom when I got my record contract, and I asked her if I could afford an apartment.  To think, I had no idea about rent, I was living with my mom.  Now I have a dog, go to the DMV, go to the post office, it’s the craziest transition, but I’ve had a blast doing it.”

Lon also asked about getting a new car: “I actually was just talking to Parker McCollum, and he told me to talk to you about Corvettes.  I have a white C-8 as well, because I went #1 with Fall In Love.  I never thought I could afford a Corvette.  So I said if I get a #1, I’ll buy a Corvette. Then I did, so it’s sitting in my garage. I love cars so much. So me & Parker were just talking about that.”

Bailey also has great stories this week about Thomas Rhett, Cole Swindell, Zach Bryan, Megan Moroney, and Florida Georgia Line.


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