Chris Young Co-Hosts 8/13-14

| August 8, 2022

This week’s co-host is Chris Young, who is in the Top 10 with “At The End of a Bar.”  Lon & Chris are joined by Mitchell Tenpenny during the show.

Mitchell actually has TWO songs in this week’s Top 10.  His solo hit “Truth About You,” and the duet with Chris: “Seeing the success of Truth About You, I’m so grateful for that, what At the End of a Bar is doing is just amazing, so I’ll take it!”

Chris recalls writing “At The End of a Bar” with Mitchell during a winter storm last year: “We were just talking about how Mitchell & I met.  I said Mitchell & I met at the end of a bar, and Mitchell said ‘That’s the song title. That’s the song we’re gonna write today.'”  Mitchell added, “I was just thinking when he said that how many things happened there.  I met my fiancĂ© there too.  It felt like the right song to write that day.”

Lon last saw Chris a few months ago at the annual Key West Songwriter’s Festival.  He asked Chris to explain his appearance that day: “I invited my friends to join me for a little show.  I thought I’ll wear shorts.  But everyone else on stage was wearing long pants and a nice shirt.  So I went back to put on jeans and a long sleeve shirt.  I figured if you’re going to sweat, you might as well wear black and get it over with.”

Chris has had a running bet with Parker McCollum over their football teams.  Chris roots for the Dallas Cowboys, and Parker is a Houston Texans fan.  Lon played Chris a cut of Parker saying the bet is now triple or nothing. Chris responded: “I’m texting him right now, because I don’t think that’s gonna work out well for you.  I feel real confident right now!”

When we played Scotty McCreery’s hit Damn Strait, Chris told Lon this: “I know the writer of that song, and he pitched me that song first.  But I had just released my album and it was going to be a few years before I could record it.  I told him to play it for everyone, because that song is a hit.  I don’t think I’ve even told Scotty this.  I told him I have no idea when the next single was going to come.  This song was too good to sit on.  He called me shortly after that to say ‘Scotty’s got it.’  And now it’s this huge #1 for them.”

Chris also has great stories this week about Kane Brown, Jimmie Allen, Ernest, Dan & Shay, and Old Dominion.

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