Tim McGraw Co-Hosts 7/9-10

| July 4, 2022

Lon’s co-host this week is Tim McGraw.  He had just returned from a publicity trip to Europe: “We were just in London because they just released Paramount Plus and 1883 in most of Europe. Now folks will be able to see it in most of the world.”

Lon & Tim talked a lot about 1883 throughout the countdown.  Lon asked if Tim & Faith did their own stunts.  “We did over 90% of them.” Did Faith didn’t do the scene in the river when she saved the guy? “Absolutely she did.  The stunt girl was an ex-bull rider. and she was going after Faith.  It was a real struggle.  Faith’s tough and she’s a great swimmer.  I was watching it too.  They had a hard time getting us off horses too.”

There was an emotional scene at the end of the series: “I think we did it six times to get it right.  Isabel, who plays Elsa, looks like our middle daughter. I think the one we used was the last take, and Elsa was laying in my lap, and right before they said action, she looks at me and says ‘What’s your favorite thing about your daughters?’  And I was like, whoa! It floored me, and that was the scene we used.”

Then there was the scene with Tom Hanks: “We’ve been friends forever, Tom, Rita, Faith & I. I read the script and I called him, ‘I don’t want to put you on the spot, but there’s this cool little cameo.’ He said, ‘When & where, and I’ll be there.  Then Rita wanted to be in it to, so there was this scene with Faith, so they did the drunk scene.”

They just announced a sequel to 1883, but Tim says he won’t be part of it: “They changed the title to 1923 and it’ll be Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren. Faith & I want 1883 to live in its own world. we thought it was such a special project, we don’t want to water it down.  We want it to stay in that world.  We were so proud of the show and so proud of the characters, we don’t want to take anything away from 1883.”

Tim teased that he’s working on some new music: “‘m in the middle of it. I’ve probably mixed 8 so far, and will record a few more soon.  I’m always looking to beat what I did last time.  I’m sure we’ll have something off the new album here before too long.  I don’t know when the album will drop.”

Tim also has great stories this week about Maren Morris, Jimmie Allen, Russell Dickerson, Kelsea Ballerini, and Tyler Hubbard of Florida Georgia Line.

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