Morgan Wallen Co-Hosts 6/25-26

| June 20, 2022

This week’s co-host is Morgan Wallen, who is feeling the power of his latest hit on his Dangerous tour. “I usually play it in the encore, so it’s near the end. My encore is pretty crazy. I look forward to it. Wasted On You is one of the bright spots.”

Morgan is now headlining in venues that he was an opener in before. He told Lon he isn’t concerned about headlining larger venues: “I don’t have concerns about selling tickets because they’re all gone! At least not this year, hopefully we can keep that up forever.”

In fact last this year, Morgan will headline his first stadium: “I’m excited about that. I’m a huge baseball fan, I thought as a kid I might be doing something different in the Rangers ballpark, but it’ll be special.”

Will stadiums be a bigger part of your arsenal?  “I think so. I don’t have anything set in stone, but we’ve been snooping around the stadiums.  I haven’t completely figured out what I want my show to be like in that setting.  But it’s definitely something I’ve been thinking about.”

As an East Tennessee kid, you must have a goal of filling that stadium in Knoxville: “That’s my #1 goal. I think it’s 102,000 now.  But that’s my #1 goal for sure.”

Morgan just played a stadium with Eric Church, and he says they’ve become good friends: “He’s my main influence, so it’s cool now to just say, ‘hey you wanna play golf or go fish?’  We talk weekly.  We talk a little trash. We’re at that point where we feel comfortable with each other. It’s cool for me to consider him a friend, it’s real special for me.”

Morgan told Lon he recently had a chance to write with Miranda Lambert: “I had a song I was working on, and I knew it was going to be for my mom. I wanted to get a female perspective.  She helped me tremendously.  Miranda always says something cool. I’ve always been a fan of hers.  She was just what I thought she’d be, except cooler!”

It’s only been a year and a half since he released Dangerous, but how’re things coming for new music? “I’ve already got 12 songs finished, maybe more.  I’m just trying to beat what I’ve got. I’m confident in whatever I do next already. Overall I feel pretty comfortable.  I don’t feel rushed. I’ve got other things, I’bve got the tour, I’ve got my son, so I’m glad that I’ve already spent some time on the next project.”

Morgan also has great stories this week about Thomas Rhett, Kane Brown, Eric Church, Dierks Bentley, and Jason Aldean.

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