Thomas Rhett’s Favorite Restaurant

| September 6, 2015

thomas-rhett-zaxbysThomas is about to launch a co-headline tour with Brett Eldredge.  The two have been featuring on some regional TV ads for a restaurant chain in the Southeast.  Turns out that Thomas knows a lot about this particular restaurant.  He explained to Country Countdown USA’s Lon Helton: “I don’t know what it means to Brett, but for me, that was a dream come true.  I grew up in Valdosta Georgia, where one of the first Zaxby’s existed, my grandmother took me there sometimes twice a day.  Still to this day I’d rather eat at Zaxby’s than Kayne Prime. It’s my favorite place to eat.”  So do you get free chicken? “We’re workin’ on it.  We’re workin’ on a Gold Card, so I can walk in to Zaxby’s and use my Gold Card to order a hundrend chicken fingers.”

How did those commercials come about? “Before the CMT Awards, Brett & I did some skits to promote our tour together.  I think someone from Zaxby’s saw them and thought we’d be good in their Zalad commercials.  A Zalad is a Zaxby’s salad.  We were there from 7 to 7 and filmed three commercials.  If you know Brett, he’s the most energetic human being I’ve ever known.  We had these scripts, and couldn’t use them.  Everything you see is us improvising.  It was my first time being an actor.  Hopefully we did a decent job. We really fed off each other.  They wanted them to be 28 seconds, and there were certain takes where we’d go for 3 minutes.”

Brett & Thomas actually have a song together on Brett’s new album.  Thomas said Brett called him about the song right after the CMA Awards: “I got a text from Brett, he sent me a song called You Can’t Stop Me, and it was right down my alley. We went in the studio, it was a blast to sing on, and it’ll be fun to show fans us singing that song live together this fall.”

The Suits & Boots Tour kicks off at the end of October. So where’d Suits & Boots come from? “We both wear suits, we both wear boots, and my band just started something called Suit Saturday.  It doesn’t matter what it’s like, we all go out in suits.  It’s a nice change of pace.  I wear a green one every Saturday.  We dress up every Saturday, and we have a different energy in a suit.  I wear a t-shirt under my suit.  Look good, feel good, play good.”

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