Dustin’s Hell of An Aldean Gift

| August 30, 2015

Dustin JasonDustin Lynch can actually thank Jason Aldean for his current Top 5 hit “Hell of a Night.”  It turns out that Aldean had the song first!  He told the story to Country Countdown USA’s Lon Helton:

“This song was special from the day I heard it.  I had two songwriters on my bus, and they’d never seen my show before.  After we got done, they said to me, Man that’s not what we expected.” At that point they played me Hell of a Night on the back lounge of my bus, and I thought it was exactly what I’d like for my second album.  Then they gave me the dreaded words: ‘Well Jason Aldean likes it.’   I had a feeling that Jason was going to record the song, he ended up not putting it on his album, so I grabbed it, and recorded it, and it’s such an energetic, high octane song for our live show.”

Did you talk with Jason about it? “No, I’m still the little guy, the little brother at the record label, I didn’t want to bring it up, didn’t know if he’s done recording, if he’d go back in and record it and I’d lose it.  But watching Jason, he’s been a huge influence on me as a singer, picking songs, always trying to find the best songs for my voice and my show.  It takes a certain kind of song to get the crowd moving, and get that energy up, and Hell of a Night is definitely that song.  It’s been an incredible story for that song, and I couldn’t be more proud of it.”

Now, the song is also the name of Dustin’s first headline tour, set for November and March.

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